“Expression, growth, and healing reveal the shared truth that lies beyond our individual identities.”


I was born Andrés Felipe Otero Torres during a blackout in Cali, Colombia.

Early exposure to my mother's poetry, my grandfathers’ spiritual practices, and shamanism ignited a lifelong fascination with the mysteries of the unseen.

My family, a vibrant blend of artists, builders, and healers, nurtured my creativity and imagination.

Poetry recitals ignited my artistic spark in school.

I then transitioned to drawing , fueled by a childhood comic book obsession.

Oil painting followed, where I explored nature's beauty and experimented with human-animal forms. These works culminated in a pivotal coming-of-age piece featuring a man-tree hybrid waking during a full-moon, next to a river of blood.

A powerful symbol of the transformation I was experiencing as I prepared to leave my homeland and embark on a new journey in North America.

The birth of my children brought a change in focus. Facing the demands of fatherhood, I transitioned from painting to capturing fleeting family moments through photography and home videos. This shift wasn't merely a change of medium, but a documentation of a collective journey.


Inspired by my son's struggle with a lisp, my thesis film

'El Circo del Habla' wove his real-life challenges with a playful 3D animated world designed to captivate and teach. Its success, including a $50,000 social entrepreneurship grant, validated the power of storytelling to transform.

A few years into my college education, a collaborative project with my daughter merged her whimsical dream narration with playful sound effects.

I stylized photographs of my children and their friends acting out scenes, transforming them into illustrations for "Valentina's Dream", a read-along picture book.

Freelancing for top New York newspapers led to my role as PRNewswire's inaugural Multicultural Producer. There, I wore every hat to craft content, including PSAs and commercials, to both bridge cultural divides and celebrate the richness of diversity.

This work honed my leadership and storytelling skills.

Fueled by a desire to explore cutting-edge creative tools, I founded Somos Creative.

Our mission is to reflect the brand identity in our campaigns, transmit content that resonates, and drive results through emotional engagement.

featured work

Projects showcasing ‘SOMOS’ forward-thinking approach utilizing emerging technologies

Rebuilding a dam in puerto rico - 360°

A massive effort is underway to repair a nearly three-foot crack in the Guajataca Dam created during Hurricane Maria.

buzzer beater - AR

A basketball simulator that combines motion sensor tracking technology with retro arcade gameplay

Requiem for NON-DUALITY- AI

A journey through the fabric of existence -power by Stable Diffusion, guided by Artists


“Dame+Time," marked a unique convergence of my previous experience and my passion for immersive storytelling. This project transcends traditional marketing by enabling users to interactively explore Tissot's product line through a touchscreen display, leading them into one of four custom 3D environments. Inside a booth outfitted with 4K projectors that together created an enveloping 8K image, visitors stood face-to-face with Damian Lillard. We carefully analyzed Dame’s public persona as presented in media, from interviews to music videos to craft a script that stayed true to both his genuine voice while including the brand ethos. The activation premiered at the 2021 NBA All-Star Conference captivating audiences of all ages.

(click for a 360° experience)


While branded experiences allow me to explore the intersection of storytelling and technology, my core creative drive lies in crafting original narratives. These stories aim to spark social dialogue and challenge preconceptions.



Rick recruits his high school friends to search for his father, venturing into an off-the-grid hotbed of psychedelic revelations.

Four make the trip; not everyone makes it back.

After years apart, a mother moves in with her son and his pregnant wife disrupting their lives. The baby’s arrival pushes the women to break the barriers that divide them.

In a small Colombian town, a pregnant teenager, Milagros, embarks on a daring quest to steal a hidden religious idol to change her fate and brake the shackles of tradition.

These diverse experiences have shaped my view of creativity as a force that transcends individual authorship. My artistic practice invites collaboration, embracing the interconnectedness of our stories and the playful curiosity that guides us back to the wellspring of inspiration within. Through exploring a multitude of forms and mediums, my aim is to create spaces where expression, growth, and healing can flourish, ultimately revealing the shared human experience that lies beyond our individual identities